Clothes are an important part of a person’s image and hence, should always be neat and tidy. Any kind of damage is easily noticeable and is a direct reflection of your personality. Top Hat provides alteration and repair services for your clothes. We can mend, alter, or do a redesign of any of your outfits making it as good as new and ideal for any event.

Want your clothes to last longer and look just as good throughout their lifetime? The alteration services at Top Hat can help you achieve just that. Be it your finest evening outfit or favorite party attire, we know just what your clothes need to make them look perfect again.

Alteration & Repair

We have a number of repair services for your clothes, such as:

  • Mending your hem
  • Alteration
  • Redesign of your favorite outfit
  • Any repairs required
  • Mending tears

And many other alteration and mending services.

How It Works

The process for getting your clothes mended is straightforward.

  • Pack up the clothes you want to get repaired.
  • Bring it to our service center and explain what you want done.
  • And if you want to redesign your outfit, one of our experts can assist you with new design ideas.
  • Once that’s done, set up the time to collect your clothes, or you can get them delivered too.
  • Last step is paying for the service.

If you aren’t satisfied with our alteration or repair, our experts will be more than happy to work with you to mend your clothes.

Why Us

Top Hat offers a personalized experience to every one of our customers. Due to our attention to the detail and expertise in mending and repair, we can ensure that our customers are satisfied with our alternations and we have affordable pricing so you won’t have to dish out a lot of cash on altering or mending your clothes.

Adherence to quality is our goal and our work reflects that.

Want a quick mending of the hem? We can do it immediately for you. Our alteration process is designed keeping your convenience in mind. We guarantee that you will have your clothes ready whenever you want them.