Shoes can make or break an impression. It’s important for your shoes to match with your outfit. But, even a small tear in your shoe can stand out. Top Hat is an online shoe repairing platform where you can get your shoes restored hassle-free.

Your shoes take you everywhere and after a while, it’s easy to see the journey and its brunt on a worn pair of shoes. We at Top Hat provide quality shoe repair services so that your worn out shoes look good again. Or, if your need is as simple as buffing up and polishing your shoes for a big event, we can do that too. Our shoe repairing services are not just limited to one gender or shoe type. We repair men’s, women’s and kids’ shoes, be it a pair of your favorite tennis shoes, a comfortable pair of loafers, or your special party heels.

If you want to discuss repairing a particular pair of shoes or just want an expert opinion on restoring your shoes, our expert support team can guide you.

Shoe Services from Top Hat

  • Hand cleaning
  • Shoe shine
  • Re-welting
  • Re-heeling
  • Dye work
  • Insoles repair

And many more. Basically, we offer every kind of shoe repair service to make your shoes look as good as new.

How It Works

The process to get your shoes repaired online is as simple as getting it repaired offline. When you decide to go to a cobbler, you pack up your shoes and take them to the cobbler’s shop who then repairs them. You collect your shoes and pay and you’re done. The online process is just as simple. First, select the repair service you want on the Top Hat website and submit your order online. Then, pack up your worn out shoes. We will ship them to our repair facility and assess the shoes. We will then reach out to you if we have any questions about the services required and price adjustments. Once repaired, your shoe will be shipped to you, looking nice and clean.

Why Us?

Our fast services ensure that you get your repaired shoes on time. And we have have a same day delivery option if you want express service.
We offer guaranteed satisfaction to every customer and have a King’s Crown Custom Service tag.

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